If you’ve forgotten what happiness is,
this book is for you!

When we let go of anxious efforts to control life and let God provide solutions, comfort, and meaning, we can be Reasonably Happy. This book  will show how the Serenity Prayer can help you stop fighting, accept life, and discover the happiness God created you for.

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How the Serenity Prayer can help you stop fighting, accept life, and discover the happiness God created you for.

Happiness is definitely not beyond your reach.

No one wrestles with life and wins. Yet everywhere we look we see people fighting, and the battles rage within us too. The long version of the Serenity Prayer offers us a refreshing way to understand God, ourselves, and the problems we face. The Prayer shows how acceptance, trust, and awareness of God’s grace result in a reasonable and enduring happiness.

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Are You Unhappy and Not Sure Why?

Reasonably Happy gets to the self-centered heart of the problem

In many ways, this book is about how to recover from the addictions all of us wrestle with. Substance addiction is the clearest example of the spiritual poverty in our culture today, but gambling, pornography, spending, and unhealthy eating also erode our spiritual awareness of God’s grace. Ultimately, we’re all addicted, or attached to caustic habits of thought and action that distance us by degrees from the God who created us for happiness. The Prayer can help.

Dr. Terry Ellis

Dr. Ellis is an author and founder of Chrysalis Interventions, an addiction intervention mission.

He holds a doctorate in Greek, a Masters in Biblical Studies, and a B.A. in Psychology. Over his 34-year pastoral career he served six churches. He is also a recovering alcoholic. He first encountered The Prayer in treatment for his alcoholism in 2013, and God used The Prayer to help save his life and restore his soul. Drawing from all areas of his experience, he examines each phrase of this rich and powerful prayer.

Learn what inspired Dr. Ellis to write Reasonably Happy

Becoming Reasonably Happy

Happiness is Possible

God created us with the capacity for happiness and does not wish to shut down our interest in it. Reasonably Happy is about a prayer that is theologically elegant and profoundly practical. Through it, God can bring you peace in what often feels like an out-of-control world. The Prayer can help.

Being Reasonable

Life is a mixture of what we want and what we get. The problem is we search for an unattainable happiness by expecting life to go smoothly. That’s unreasonable. But we can be Reasonably Happy when we stop trying to control life and let God provide solutions, comfort, and meaning.

Watch. Listen

The world shouts. Our egos, with their attachments or outright addictions, scream their self-centered demands. Yet God always whispers. The first phrase of The Prayer is a request to God for serenity. Reasonably Happy will help readers understand the steps they can take on a pathway to peace.

Author Notes:

I discovered the long version of the Serenity Prayer while in treatment for alcoholism. During the darkest time in my life God made sure that I would find this prayer that would help save my life and restore my soul.

The Prayer is filled with extraordinarily deep theology but ends with a very practical promise that we can be reasonably happy in this life. Doesn’t that sound wonderful? Maybe instead of always aiming for cloud 9, which we seldom or never reach, we can discover that God is right there with us on cloud 4. In fact, He’s with us when there is no cloud at all. Make a few basic requests of God and a few profound commitments and you can discover how to be reasonably happy.

The Serenity Prayer is a powerful prayer. And Reasonably Happy will guide you to understand it, look at the changes you can make in your life, and open you up in deeper ways to God’s amazing grace and mighty providence.

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